Drammen, Norway

CCE has been working on a project to support the Municipality of Drammen in the mapping of young people’s engagement with the City’s cultural provision.

The project mapped existing cultural provision, including the exploration of some newer and more marginal forms of cultural activity through a series of workshops with young people. This ensured that the project gave a snapshot of municipal provision, whilst beginning to establish what might be happening beyond its boundaries.

The understanding this generated has formed the basis of a second, larger research bid, for which the Municipality of Drammen has received a significant grant from the Oslofjordfondet, a major Norwegian funding agency.

Within the overall research programme, CCE led on the delivery of a year-long project in a school in Fjell, a community comprising mainly residents of Turkish and Pakistani origin. Targeting the 71 pupils who constitute year 7 in the school (the last year of primary school), the project  explored whether an intensive cultural intervention in school in this year can make a long term difference to the cultural choices these pupils exercise when they move on to secondary school. A more detailed report in this project can be found here.