Our Services

Our team is available to:

  • Support the planning, design, development and delivery of programmes which promote the value of creativity in and out of school settings;

  • Provide expert speakers with an international reputation in the development and implementation of creative learning programmes for conferences and events. Find out more here

  • Act as an advisor and critical friend on all aspects of creative teaching and learning;

  • Design and deliver training, using the experience of the people we have employed and trained around the world and the unique data we have collected;

  • Design new research and evaluation programmes;

  • Assist you in shaping and focusing your own research and evaluation activities;

  • Provide advice and support on the quality assurance of learning programmes;

  • Transfer knowledge and share learning from our unique digital database of schools projects and our extensive library of research, publications, handbooks and programme guides.

CCE also has a digital learning platform that can be used to accompany and complement live training sessions or longer-term projects, but can also be used as a stand-alone professional development opportunity. More information can be found here.