Partnerships in Creative Learning online course

CCE has been running a pilot year of its new online course Partnerships in Creative Learning. The course is designed to help teachers, educators, creative practitioners and cultural education co-ordinators explore different partnerships within creative learning and teaching of children and young people, in formal or non-formal education. The course has been developed in consultation with the University of Nottingham’s School of Education and it is underpinned by an extensive, long-term programme of research into creativity and creative learning. The course includes an overview of existing research and real-life case studies from CCE’s extensive experience in supporting creative learning programmes around the world. Alongside this it places great importance on the practical application of theory in educational settings.

Participants will have a rich learning journey which covers the following seven distinct topics:

  • Course Introduction (useful information before the start of the course)

  • Creativity and Creative Learning

  • Collaborating with Other Staff Members and the Wider School/Organisation

  • Collaborating with the Learner

  • Collaborating with External Practitioner

  • Collaborating with Parents, Carers and Community; and

  • Portfolio (reflection on the work and progress within the course)

The course is designed for learners able to work at a post-graduate/Master’s level. There are several assignments spread throughout the course, and many combine a practical task, such as delivering an activity, observing practice or having conversations with partners, and planning for or reflecting on these. The overall course ends with a final portfolio of the work done and progress made.

The course is offered through CCE Digital Learning Platform. Along with the formal learning environment organised within the course, learners can also connect informally with other participants and with the course leader at CCE to share ideas, experience, tips and advice.

The course is currently available in English and as it is based entirely online, it is accessible to learners from anywhere in the world. The pilot programme involved a small test group of selected teachers and creative practitioners from across Europe.

If you would be potentially interested in taking part in the course, hear more of the individual moddules or if you would like to discuss how these could be adapted to your needs to offer the course to your employees/trainees/students and would like to learn more, please contact us on