Research Aims

Creativity, Culture & Education research explores the impact our programmes have within schools and the unique contribution creative practice can make to teaching and learning. Our research aims are:


To build an evidence base for the value and impact of creativity in the learning of young people.

To achieve this we commission targeted research from leading academics and consultants.

Our studies cover a range of themes, some process focused, others with a view to demonstrating outcomes.

We are interested in exploring the ways creative approaches within education can effect lasting change amongst teachers, young people, schools, creative professionals and cultural and creative organisations.


To inform future policy and practice

We want to ensure that the best of CCE’s practice is extended and can be sustained. For this reason our research outputs are tailored for a range of audiences and purposes – from summary reports to government through to training resources for teachers.


To build networks of academics and thinkers with a focus on creativity in education

We commission literature reviews that help synthesise diverse academic disciplines and host seminars that provoke debate and build new networks. The literature reviews help to offer a means of navigating through complex academic fields and serve as ‘ways in’ to theorising practice for those delivering the programme on the ground.

On this site you will find a number of showcase projects which summarise key research themes and that have downloadable final reports. You can also review the research projects we have underway currently and read any interim reports available.