Stiftung Mercator/BKJ – European Strategy

CCE worked closely with the German Youth Culture Federation, the BKJ on identifying the priorities of a European cultural education strategy with support from the German philanthropic foundation Stiftung Mercator.

This report explored how the reach and impact of creative and cultural education in Europe can be improved, how creative and cultural education can strengthen our understanding of the value of Europe and how we can improve capacity in Europe for working collaboratively.

The research found most creative and cultural education was designed, funded and delivered locally, and that the decision making processes which supported such activity were generally local, internalised and opaque. In addition, there are few mechanisms to connect these decision making processes with international strategies, research and best practice.

The report concludes that to support local decision making and implementation and to connect it with best practice, experience and research across Europe, a web of local alliances, acting locally but internationally connected is required. Many of these local alliances already exist and others can be nurtured, but investment in the connection between them is necessary.

The full report can be read here.