The Evidence

“CCE has generated an unparalleled library of research”



CCE has generated an unparalleled library of research, commissioning most of the major university and research agencies in the UK to investigate the impact of different aspects of the Creative Partnerships programme.

The headlines include:

  • Young people who have attended Creative Partnerships activities made, on average the equivalent of 2.5 grades better progress in GCSE (NFER)

  • Creative Partnerships was shown to be associated with an educationally significant reduction in total absence rates in primary schools (NFER)

  • Around 70% of the programme’s funding goes directly to the practitioners and over half of those working with Creative Partnerships have developed other work and employed other professionals as a result. Thus having a positive impact on the economy (Burns Owen Partnership)

  • Research from The University of Nottingham and The University of Keele found that Creative Partnerships made a positive difference to the extent and pace of change in the schools examined.

  • Each £1 invested in the Creative Partnerships programmes generates £15.30 of economic value (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

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