World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), held annually in Doha, Qatar, aims to place innovation in education at the forefront of the global agenda.  CCE has been involved since winning a WISE award in 2011 for its Creative Partnerships schools programme.

Paul Collard was a member of the 2013 WISE Advisory Steering Committee, which included experienced experts from Guinea Bissau, Palestine, Bangladesh and Finland, tasked with establishing the key themes for the 2014 WISE conference.

Paul was also appointed as a ‘pre-juror’ for the 2014 WISE Awards, assessing and scoring around 80 submissions to inform the final shortlist.

The 2014 WISE Conference was entitled “Imagine – Create – Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education” and included a keynote speech by Paul Collard.  Paul’s presentation can be accessed at ” href=””>


Paul Collard receiving the WISE Award for the Creative Partnerships in 2011.